Retail/Hoarding Branding

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Retail/Hoarding Branding

Hoarding on construction sites

Construction sites can be messy places and not a very customer friendly environment but with a Cunningham hoarding design, buildings sites can become a more inviting place.  Cunningham have helped many builders to brand their new developments so that it gives the potential homeowner an idea of what the site may look like when it’s been built.

Retail/Hoarding Branding

Some clients have mocked up 3D renders of what the house will look like when complete. We then took this 3D render and printed it along 300ft of banner and installed it in the very street where the development will be. This results in generating public interest, giving the new development a real kick-start.

Renovating Shop Units

Cunningham can also provide services to allow for renovating work on your existing shop, as time doesn’t stop for this.  It’s important for any shop to minimise the disruption to sales during this time and our printing capabilities have been called upon for many high street names to divide the shop up during construction work.  This allows the shop to operate as normal by sectioning off areas under construction with branded dividers which still show the general look and feel of the shop.

Retail/Hoarding Branding


  • Lightweight
  • Create branded areas
  • Helps tidy construction sites
  • Your artwork reviewed for quality issues prior to production

Cunningham branding examples

To see examples of other city dressing projects that we have been involved with , visit our vehicle city dressing gallery.


If you or your designer is going to supply artwork, we recommend setting up your file at 300dpi at no less than 10% and a maximum of 25% scale of the finished size, as our software will do an excellent job of blowing the image up. Bleed is not normally required. We can accept almost all file formats.

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Design service

You can provide us with your own design or our skilled designers can layout your design to meet your requirements. We can source images for you if you don't have any in mind. Contact us on 045 560 010 for a quotation.

This is custom made to order, so allow 2-3 weeks for manufacturing and delivery. We accept orders online or by phone.

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  • Retail/Hoarding Branding
  • Retail/Hoarding Branding
  • Retail/Hoarding Branding
  • Retail/Hoarding Branding